Transfer Students

Our universities accept competent and eligible transfer students from across the globe. The students from the different countries have to authorize and validate their academic transcript from Ukrainian/Russian Ministry of Education. If the government department is convinced that the previous qualification of students is equivalent to that of Ukrainian/Russian Education System, they give approval to the students.

Students with transfer credit who apply for transfer must submit the following documents:

  • Official academic transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities;
  • School Certificates;
  • International Passport (traveling document);
  • Completely filled up application form.

All the relevant documents should be in English. These documents are submitted to Ministry of Education, Ukraine for Certification, to Calculate the Academic Difference, and the Credit hours. If Ministry of Education finds the previous qualification equal to Ukrainian syllabus and curricula, the student receives approval certificate to join desired year successfully, otherwise, the candidate must follow to the recommendations set by Ministry of Education.

Prior to their arrival to the country, students can send the scanned and filled up documents to EdugoalOverseas through mail. The admission of students is based on their academic record. The requirement of the various courses might differ according to the criteria of individual university. The transcripts of the individual students are scrutinized minutely by the authorities of admission and administrative office. It is upon their discretion, to decide, the year or semester the students can seek admission to. It is compulsory for students, who have transferred from other medical universities, to complete four consecutive academic years in their university.

Edugoal Overseas accepts all new students around the year. However, students are encouraged to begin their application process as soon as possible to ensure their ability to start in their desired term and to take full advantage of opportunities.


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