Stavropol State Medical University

Stavropol Medical University
• Stavropol State Medical Academy
• Stavropol State Medical Institute
• Stavropol Medical College

Stavropol State Medical University is a state higher educational institution in Stavropol city of Russian Federation. Stavropol State Medical University was organized in 1937 as Voroshilov (Now Stavropol) State Medical Institute. In 1938 Voroshilov State Medical Institute began classes in the first year of the medical faculty. In 1937 Voroshilov State Medical Institute was renamed in Stavropol Medical Institute. In 1994 Stavropol Medical Institute became Stavropol State Medical Academy and in 2013 Stavropol State Medical Academy received the University status. Today in 72 departments of the Stavropol State Medical University there are more than 50 doctors, 274 candidates of sciences, more than 180 qualified teachers. Among the teachers there are 20 members of various international academies and Medical Sciences, 28 distinguished physicians of the Russian Federation. Since its formation Stavropol State Medical University has trained  29000 Specialists.


• General Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Dentistry/Stomatology
• Humanities and biomedical education
• Higher Nursing Education
• Post Graduation
• Preparatory