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Saint Petersburg State University which is also known as Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education is one of the oldest, largest and classical university in Saint Petersburg city of Russian Federation in Russia. Saint Petersburg State University was established in 1724 inLeningrad (now Saint Petersburg). Throughout its history, the name of Saint Petersburg State University was repeatedly changed. From 1821 to 1914 it was called the St. Petersburg Imperial University,  The Imperial Petrograd University (1914), form 1918 – 1919 First Petrograd University, 1919 – 1921 Petrograd University, 1921 – 1924 Petrograd State University, 1924 – 1933 Leningrad State University, 1933 – 1937 Leningrad State University, 1937 Leningrad State University and in 1991 Saint Petersburg State University. Today St. Petersburg University has more than 30,000 students, nearly 6,000 teachers (1,500 doctors, almost 3,000 candidates, more than 40 academicians of public academies) in 304 departments. Till 2014 Saint Petersburg State University has trained over 90000 specialists. Saint Petersburg State University has a reputation for having educated the majority of a Russia’s political elite which includes current President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev.


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• Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics
• Faculty of International Relations
• Faculty of Political Science
• Faculty of Applied Mathematics
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• Faculty of Psychology
• Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
• Faculty of Sociology
• Faculty of Dental and medical technology
• Faculty of Physical education
• Faculty of Philology
• Faculty of Philosophy
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