Central Ukrainian National Technical University

In Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kirovohrad there are presented areas of study related to engineering, electrification and mechanization of agriculture, agronomy, construction, transport, energy, computers, economics, taxation, banking and financial activities, food industry, processing of agricultural products.

Central Ukrainian National Technical University is a Higher education organization in two levels-Bachelor and Master in the following fields: agricultural engineering, electrical engineering, agriculture power engineering, automation, house-building and road-building, welding engineering, metal working, programmed numerical control, computer engineering.


Faculty of Automation and Energy was established in 1983 on the basis of the electromechanical department.

The faculty is now studying 450 students from Ukraine and other countries.

Faculty prepares bachelors on directions:

  • Automation and computer integrated technologies;
  • Electricity, electronics and electrical engineering;
  • Power and automation of the agricultural sector.
  • According to the qualifications of Master and specialist students studying on specialties:
  • Computerized control systems and automatics.
  • Computer Integrated and robotic systems.
  • Electrical power system,
  • Energy Management;
  • Power and automation of the agricultural sector.

The faculty consists of three departments:

  • Automation of production processes;
  • Electrical systems and energy management;
  • Physical Education.

The Department has modern material and technical base and highly qualified teaching staff for quality bachelors, masters and specialists, creative and research works of modern information technologies of automated and robotic production, energy efficiency and development of alternative and renewable energy sources. The Faculty has postgraduate and doctoral studies.


Mechanical Engineering Department was created in 1967 on the basis of three main specialties: Technology of mechanical engineering, machines and tools; Machinery and Technology foundry; machinery and technology of processing of metals pressure, which conducted training specialists. At the faculty has about 650 students.

Now the MTF includes five producing departments:

  • Department of Manufacturing Engineering;
  • Department of machine tools and systems;
  • Department of metal forming and special technology;
  • Department of Materials Science and foundry;
  • Department of programming and information security.

All specialty faculty accredited by the highest IV level and have a daily and distance learning. Students have the opportunity to get title Military service department.

In the educational process at faculty widely used modern methods of training, technical means. Faculty laboratory facilities equipped with modern equipment that is constantly being improved. Educational and methodological support meeting the requirements of the educational process. Over the last five years teachers have issued more than 10 faculty guides.

In the past 10 years the faculty teachers defended 2 doctoral and 23 master’s thesis. Scientific work at the faculty are actively engaged students. Full of them enrolled in post graduate courses.


The Department was established in 2005. He primed his work on the basis of one of the “oldest” professions university – business economics and management of organizations and personnel management.

The training of future professionals in the sphere of economic activity carried out in the following specialties:

  • Documentation and information activities;
  • International Economics;
  • Economy enterprises;
  • Personnel management and labor economics;

Much of the specialties of the IV level. Along with the form of stationary trains future professionals for part-time and reduced forms of training, retraining the second specialty.

Teaching training courses provided by highly qualified specialists, including 11 doctors, professors; 68 candidates of science, associate professors; 8 of them full members and corresponding members of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.
Through the organization of specialized classrooms, well equipped with computers, provides a high level of teaching, effective learning students the necessary knowledge. Much attention is paid to teaching of applied mathematical sciences, foreign languages, sciences specialization. 


Faculty of Accounting and Finance, launched in 2005, as a result of the reorganization of the Faculty of Economics.

The faculty consists of 5 departments:

  • Economic theory,
  • Marketing and Economic Cybernetics;
  • Accounting;
  • Auditing and Taxation;
  • Finance and Planning.

Through the organization of specialized classrooms, well equipped with computers, provides a high level of teaching, effective learning students the necessary knowledge. Much attention is paid to teaching of applied mathematical sciences, foreign languages, sciences specialization.

In July 2015 was signed the agreement between Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kirovohrad and the University of Economy (WSG) (m. Bydgoszcz, Poland) about simultaneous master’s degree Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kirovohrad on specialty “Accounting and Auditing”. Working together with the University of Economy (WSG) (m. Bydgoszcz, Poland) opens wide perspectives in educational, scientific and educational activities. 


Faculty of design and operation of machines (FPEM) was established in 1996. Faculty prepares bachelors on specialties 274 “Road transport” 133 “Sector Engineering” (Lifting, road construction and reclamation machines and equipment) 131 “Applied Mechanics” (Welding) 192 “Building and civil engineering ‘(Industrial and civil engineering).

To date, the department trained 536 students from Ukraine and 43 students from other countries.

They acquire these specialty qualification levels and master specialist:

274 Road transport. Specialization: computer diagnostics and technical service of cars and logistics in road transport.

133 Engineering Sector (Lifting, road construction and reclamation machines and equipment).  Specialization: Computerized design and design of building and road machines.

131 Applied Mechanics (Restoring and improving the durability of parts and structures) Specialization: maintenance, repair and restoration of machines and structures.

192 Building and Civil Engineering (Industrial and Civil Engineering). Specialization: technical expertise of buildings, real estate.


Faculty of Agricultural Engineering was established in June 1967 at the organization Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the Kirovograd branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute under orders from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR №372 from 06.09.1967 for the year. Now the department is one of the leading in Ukraine of training for agricultural engineering, agriculture and ecology and environmental protection.

The faculty consists of department:

  • Agricultural machinery;
  • General agriculture;
  • Ecology and Environment;
  • Foreign languages.

All departments have the necessary physical infrastructure, facilities for intensive training existing stands, modern computers and video equipment, new scientific and methodical development and textbooks.


Today Kirovograd National Technical University is not only teaching, scientific activity, but student life. As they say, “who lived in the dormitory, he was not a student.” The University has on its balance sheet 4 dormitories located on campus. The total number of places for students is 1705. Students live in rooms for two, three men under sanitary standards (6 m2 per 1 student). Hostels three types: corridor, block 8 and breakout rooms for 2 rooms.

In the dorms are all conditions for students to feel at home. Rooms equipped with necessary furniture: beds, tables, table and chairs. Each dorm lobby is comfortable, cozy kitchen, sanitary facilities and room for self.

On campus there are a dining room, a sanatorium, sports facilities and student disco. In the campus held a local computer network with Internet access.

At check-in on dormitory university administration is agreement with the student the right to stay in the hostel for the period of his training and gives him a special order, which is the only reason for living in this residential location. In the order stated number dorm and room number.

Priority Seating is provided in the hostel of nonresident students who belong to the privileged categories (orphans, the disabled, students from large families and those who suffered most from the Chernobyl catastrophe 1 – 2 category), foreign students and student families. All other categories of students get seats in the dorms if any, but the priorities given priority to students from poor families state budget department and first year students.

The distribution of seats in the dormitories faculty following the principle that, in the departments assigned to floors and dormitories. The distribution of seats in the hostel campus by the Administration. She, along with the student council hostels and curators groups followed procedure in dormitories during the school year. On each floor (block) was elected mayor in charge of the procedure, compliance regime accommodation and state property dormitory, daily cleanliness and quietness.

Each dormitory has a student council, which is elected by the general meeting of residents of hostels for one year and directs the student masses into the mainstream active life. Student councils are designed to attract broad asset to participate in educational, sports, cultural work and improve the living conditions of students in dormitories, as well as to protect the rights of students – residents hostel. Student council on its work report at the general meeting of residents of the hostels.