Black Sea State University

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Today Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University has all conditions for the development of young professionals of the new generation.

The material base of the university includes 12 buildings, combined in a single set – campus. The university has created all conditions for comfortable student learning, because everything in our university is for students, for their benefit and convenience.
The university has the library with 146.849 thousands of copies. Department of literature in foreign languages has 19 352 copies in 28 languages. The structure of the library includes 1 landing library ticket and 3 reading rooms with a total of 244 seats.
There is information-computer center and 14 computer classes. Currently the University has 450 modern computers with local network. The University has wireless computer network of Wi-Fi , which has currently registered over 600 laptops and other wireless devices of staff and students of the university. More than 4 thousand users registered in the local network. Each employee and student of the preparatory department or faculty has free access to computers and free access to the Internet. To ensure students’ needs there are two points of printing and copying, equipped with photocopiers, computers, printers and scanners, including large-format color printer is available for printing large posters.

The Center for Innovative Technology in the framework of the UN project “Innovation Springboard: invitation to cooperation” was opened at the University.
In research laboratories, students can get acquainted with the theoretical knowledge on practice.
Medical Centre. Hopefully, you won’t need it during your studying.  But if necessary, students can always get the highly skilled assistance. Although there are other important details, which you will be reminded of from time to time and which should not be neglected (vaccinations, passing chest flyuorography). Medical center is located on the first floor of the first teaching building.
For students convenience there are 3 sport halls, two gyms and a yacht on which students regularly go to environmental expedition.
If you’re hungry, then at your service there is a student canteen and 3 cafes where you can eat and meet during the break with your friends.
There are 3 modern student dormitories for not local students and poor students. You can ask the Student Council of the University about hostel conditions and accommodation.
The publishing house publishes scientific work of our scientists and not only.
If you write poems and you want to publish your own books, our university will help you.
For those who are interested in arts, there is Art Gallery, where you can find the works of the best artists on the highest level.  International delegations, which are visiting our gallery, do not remain indifferent to it.
On the basis of BSSU operates the Department of International Relations and the Center for International Cooperation.
Post graduate training in 12 specialties will be pleased to welcome students who have a wish to devote their life to science. Also, the university has five specialized scientific councils.
BSSU has Student Society, which publishes scientific journals “Student scientific studious.” Students can deepen their knowledges in the American, economic, German and other clubs. Annual there is English and Austrian summer school. There are English-language humanitarian information center, established together with the US Peace Corps in Ukraine Francophone Center, founded in cooperation with the French Cultural Center. There is student theater “Graal”, which annually takes part in the International Festival of French-speaking theater, cultural art center of students actively works together with student Ukrainian House. Students have the opportunity to show their talent for journalism in the printed periodical BSSU – the newspaper “Vagant” involved in creating and conducting TV program “Vagant -TV.” Since 1998, festival “Stars of the Black Sea” annually takes place. In 1999, BSSU students created a regional club of intellectual games, from this time regularly championship of “What? Where? When?” and the championship” Brain -ring “among students and school teams take place.
BSSU has 15 sports clubs, including volleyball, basketball, athletics, aerobics, martial arts, scuba diving, sailing and more. On our own research vessel “Olvia” students regularly sail for environmental expeditions.

Each year, BSSU students have practice in the Parliament of Ukraine and the Parliament of Canada. In November 2002 according to the results of the competition “Join Multimedia 2002”, held by Siemens in Munich, the team of Mykolayiv State Humanitarian University of Petro Mohyla was recognized the best in Europe and has won first place in the “Long Run (16-24)” On September 17, 2003 on Munich awarding ceremony 18 team-winners of the European competition “Join Multimedia 2003 ‘were awarded.  Shtefen Reiche (Steffen Reiche), Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of Brandenburg, and Dr. Vaira Claus (Claus Weyrich), board member of Siemens AG attended the ceremony awards.
The University cooperates with foreign universities such as Queen’s University (Canada), University of Hannover (Germany), University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Texas A & M University (USA), University Rzhesheva (Poland), Harbin Engineering University (China), Teaching University of Salvador (San Salvador, Republic of El Salvador) and others.


First Pro
Vice-Rector for Research
Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work on development
Vice-Rector for administrative work

Institute of Public Administration
Department of Civil Service
Department of State Policy and Management
Department of Local Government, Regional Development and Policy Analysis

Institute of Philology
Department of English
Department of Germanic Philology
Department of Foreign Languages
Department of Translation
Chair of Ukrainian Studies, theory and history of literature
Bureau Goethe Institute
French center

Computer Science
Department of Intelligent Information Systems
Laboratory of computer Graphics
Cabinet of graduation project
Department of Information Technology and Software Systems

Laboratory of microprocessor technology and systems
Laboratory of information systems and databases
Laboratory of Globalogic
Department of Applied and Higher Mathematics

Faculty of Economics
Department of Accounting and Auditing
Department of Finance and Credit
Department of Economic Theory and International Economics

Department of Business Economics and Land Management
Professional training Department of English

Department of Ecological and Medical Sciences
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Laboratory of Environment
Laboratory of Chemistry
Department of quality, standardization and industry-related ecological safety
Laboratory of Biophysics and biosafety

Laboratory of Microbiology
Department of Medical Devices and Systems
Laboratory of physics
Laboratory of medical devices
Laboratory of electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessors
Department of health and physical rehabilitation
Department of Physical Education and Sport
The department of Olympic and professional sports

Faculty of Political Science
Department of Political Science
Department of history
Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy
Department of World History
Department of International Information

Faculty of sociology
Department of sociology
Department of Social Work, Management and Education
Department of psychology
Department of philosophy

Faculty of Law
Department of Administrative and Constitutional Law and Procedure
Department of History and theory of law
The department of civil and criminal law and process

Educational and Research Institute of engineering objects and systems
Department of Engineering and Architecture

Postgraduate Institute

Training department

Trade Union Committee
Students’ board
Center for Social and psychological support, professional development and employment promotion
Planning and Finance Department
Academic Council
Educational Department
Postgraduate Department
Scientific Research
Department of International Relations
Information Computer Center
Publishing Department
Human Resources Department
Legal Department
Technical Department
Food complex
Department of Life Safety and Civil Protection
Center of Culture, Arts and Communications
Art gallery